Great FAQ Rewrite Has Begun

Something else that should keep us busy for the next few months is updating the FAQS. There are currently several hundred and nearly all of them are out-of-date. Part of our evil plan is to have the FAQS available as an off-line version that can be included with every release. Having the FAQS available as a document means it will also be easier to provide translations for all of the FAQS, once that document becomes stable.

During the rewrite, there will be two FAQ locations. The rewritten and up-to-date FAQS will be available on the wiki. If you are looking for the answer to a question, go here first. The original (not updated yet) FAQS will be at the FAQ website. If you can’t find your answer on the wiki, try that website but be forewarned that the answer may not apply to current versions of PC-BSD.

If you need the answer to an FAQ that is outdated or that does not exist at either location, post your question here so it can be prioritized in the rewrite.

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