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There’s a discussion in the comments section of the Using VirtualBox post which brings up the question of how screenshots should be handled in the Handbook. What’s your opinion? Do you find it useful if:

  • the screenshot shows the default values (what the user sees when they first access a menu or screen)
  • the screenshot shows the desired value (e.g. what the users sees after they make the demonstrated configuration change)
  • the screenshot includes a drop down menu selected (e.g. so the user sees some possible selection values)

While we’re on  the topic of screenshots, do you find an image for each possible screen and/or configuration within a screen to be helpful or distracting? Is it useful to describe in detail every possible configuration option in a particular screen, or is that distracting?

Please leave your comments and suggestions. They will help greatly in fleshing out a design that is useful to PC-BSD users (our ultimate goal for the Handbook).

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Comments (1)

  • August 28, 2010 at 8:52 am |

    Personally, I like to see screen shots with the desired values in place. That way I can flip between looking at the manual and my own screen to make sure they look the same.

    As to how many shots per screen, I think one is typically enough. Unless there is a LOT going on in that screen.

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