If You’re Testing Alternate Desktops Using the Alpha Snapshot

We’re still in the process of porting the LXDE login manager which will be used in 9.0. Earlier versions of PC-BSD used KDE’s login manager which defaults to logging into KDE and also requires a lot of dependencies. LXDE’s version is much lighter weight, meaning that we will be able to provide CD versions of PC-BSD (currently, the dependencies required by KDM make the ISO too large to fit on a CD).

If you are testing alternate desktop environments using the current alpha snapshot, it still uses KDM. This means that you should not choose “auto-login” during the installation, or else KDM will attempt to log you into a non-existing KDE installation. In other words, your desktop will look pretty lousy. However, you should still be able to logout, click the session manager icon at the login screen (circle with lines through it located in lower left corner), select the desired window manager, and input your user account’s password.

We’ll also be clarifying the layout of the System Selection screen in the installer. MythTV isn’t a desktop environment, meaning you’ll get an error if you deselect everything else. If you want to give MythTV a go, select it as well as one of the desktops, such as KDE or GNOME.

If you find any bugs in the desktop environments, don’t forget to post them to the appropriate desktop forum.

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