Make-A-PBI Improvements

Jesse Smith has uploaded a new version of Make-A-PBI. This version, 1.0, has some important improvements. Make-A-PBI can now attempt to make a PBI module without building/installing the associated port. This means that Make-A-PBI can run in seconds, rather than over several minutes/hours, and the program no longer needs to be run as root.

The building/installing options are still available for people who want to make sure their modules will build properly, but for making quick-n-dirty modules, run this command:

pbimaker -8 -s /usr/ports/category/portname

Which will make a PBI (version 8) port. You can make version 9 modules with this command:

pbimaker -9 -s /usr/ports/cateogry/portname

Often port icons are hard to find due to naming conventions; you can force the program to use a specific icon name with:

pbimaker -8 -s -b /path/to/default/icon /usr/ports/category/portname

Make-A-PBI can be downloaded from here. The install/usage instructions can be found here.

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  • Ben
    April 18, 2011 at 5:37 am |

    I found a minor bug in Make-A-PBI which would cause PBI-9 modules to not build properly. The bug only affects version 9 modules, version 8 modules are fine. This has been fixed and a new version of Make-A-PBI has been uploaded.

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