Hold Off on Installing/Upgrading to Firefox 5

A problem has been found with the FreeBSD port of Firefox 5. Since PBIs are based on FreeBSD ports, this means that you should hold off on installing the Firefox 5 PBI or upgrading to Firefox 5 in Software Manager. Thanks to all of the testers who provided information about the bug and to Ken Moore for submitting a patch for the FreeBSD port. We’ll post another entry when the fixed version becomes available.

In the mean time, if you have already installed or upgraded to Firefox 5, you can revert back to your previous version of Firefox. Ken offers the following advice so that you don’t lose any of your configuration settings when reinstalling the Firefox 4 PBI in Software Manager:

“Make sure that when you revert, you do not first remove all your settings when uninstalling FF5. In order to revert and keep all your settings, I usually just leave the current version alone, and when installing the new PBI it asks if it can overwrite the currently installed version, to which I say yes. I have never had a problem with losing my settings when doing it this way.”

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