Torrents Available for Latest 9 Testing Snapshot

John R Davis Jr. has started some torrents to speed up the download of yesterday’s latest testing snapshots. So far, these torrents are available:

  • 32-bit CD Image
  • 32-bit LITE USB Image
  • 32-bit Network Install USB Image
  • 32-bit Network Install CD Image
  • 32 bit Live USB image
  • 32 bit Install USB Image
  • 32 bit DVD Image
  • 32 bit live DVD Image
  • 64-bit Network Install USB Image
  • 64-bit Network Install CD Image
  • 64 bit CD Image
  • 64 bit LITE USB Image
  • 64 bit live USB Image
  • 64 bit Install USB Image
  • 64 bit Install DVD
  • 64 bit live DVD

To use a torrent file you must first have a torrent program. If you are running Windows, try utorrent. If you are running Linux, check to see which torrent applications are available for your distro. If you do not have a built in client in your Linux distribution, try transmission. If you are running Mac OS X, transmission is also a good client.

Once you have a client you can download the .torrent file by right clicking its link and clicking save as, or by clicking on the link your browser should ask you to either save as or run using the default program.

After you open the .torrent file, you have to wait for your program to download the file from the “Seeders”. Your program should provide you an estimated download time.

After you are finished downloading the file, please leave your torrent program open so that it can seed the file. When you seed, it speeds up the download of that file for everyone else. Note that you have permission to seed these files as they are freely available under the BSD license.

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Written by dru. Posted in 9.0, testers

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Comments (2)

  • derek
    June 14, 2011 at 5:04 pm |

    does this installer give us the choice of kde,xfce and gnome ? also will the new gnome3 or shell be an option for install ?

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