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PC-BSD on FLOSS Weekly

Episode 182 of FLOSS Weekly is now online. In this episode, Aaron Newcomb and Randi Harper interview Kris Moore and discuss everything PC-BSD.


PC-BSD 9.0-BETA2 Available for Testing

Kris has just announced that BETA2 is now ready for testing:

The next BETA release of the upcoming PC-BSD 9.0 is now available! This release includes the latest FreeBSD 9.0-BETA2 base, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

Notable changes in this release, in no particular order:

* Fixed an issue fetching large sets of packages during an update
* Added NVIDIA driver to install media, allowing it to be used instead of “vesa” and “nv”
* Fixed an issue with passwords & encryption strings with a ‘=’ in them causing parse errors
* Auto correct if user tries to use /home mount-point to /usr/home
* Fixed internet installation defaulting to an incorrectly formatted URL
* Added sanity checks to AppCafe to check if user is able to install applications
* Fix to pbi-manager to checkout correct FreeBSD sources
* When adding new users via the GUI, include them in the “operator” group by default
* Fixed misc crashes while using the User Manager
* Set wallpaper to full-screen mode on install images
* Increase default ‘/’ partition size to 2GB
* Added AppCafe warning when no meta files can be found
* Cap the size of default swap space
* Fixed layout of default XFCE menu
* Make hyper-links work in Welcome application
* Fix loading translation files in Xorg Wizard
* Show total and current MB of downloads in AppCafe
* Fixed bugs in Firewall Manager causing incorrect service names to be selected
* Show status of firewall restart in the GUI
* Put volume applet on LXDE panel by default
* Added feature to System Manager and Installer to right-click on meta-pkgs and show details
* Reorganized the meta-pkg layout
* Enhance pc-su to use more appropriate “su” backend depending upon WM being run
* Include support for some additional Broadcom wifi chipsets by default
* Allow booting to emergency console on LIVE images
* Added Draft version of PC-BSD 9 handbook
* Speed up booting by loading some KLDs after kernel is loaded
* Clear temporary files in /tmp at boot by default
* Add support into AppCafe for showing HTML formatted descriptions
* Added new default font configuration
* Use more appropriate icons for entries in Control Panel
* Fixed an issue with IBUS variables not being set properly
* Fixed printer config to use “pc-su” so we have permissions to add / remove devices
* Fixed syntax bug when trying to install using “gmirror”
* Fix pbi-manager to resume downloading meta-data if the system was shutdown before it finished

Known Issues / Errata

When installing from DVD the Adobe Flash plugin may not be enabled by default. To fix this, open a terminal and run the command

% flashpluginctl on

The update GUI in BETA 1.5 may not let you select the update to BETA2. To work around this you can start the update via the command-line using the following command as root:

# pc-updatemanager install release-9.0-BETA2

The update will begin to download and may take a while to finish. If you lose connection, or need to restart the update at a later time it will resume at where the download left off previously.

Reporting Bugs

Since this is a beta release, please feel assist us by reporting and fixing bugs. Users are encouraged to discuss their findings on the testers mailing list, or via the PC-BSD Forums.

There are a greater variety of ways to install PC-BSD in the 9.x series. When providing feedback please indicate which install media you are using and in which window manager the error occurs.


Participate in Software Freedom Day

This Saturday, September 17, is Software Freedom Day (SFD). SFD is an annual global event that encourages open source software users to reach out to their local community to educate others about the benefits of using open source.

Frederic Muller, President of SFI, the non-profit organization behind Software Freedom Day, has been very helpful in encouraging FreeBSD and PC-BSD users to participate in SFD. A copy of PC-BSD was included with the 210 packages that were shipped to the pre-registered teams.

PC-BSD users are encouraged to put together a team and to register it on the SFD wiki. If you have not participated in SFD before, take a moment to read through the Start Guide for instructions on how to promote your team. If you do register a team, leave a comment so that we can mention it on the @bsdevents twitter feed.


Two PC-BSD Articles in September Issue of BSD Magazine

The September issue of BSD Magazine has two articles on PC-BSD. BSD Magazine is available for free download from this website.

Kris Moore’s article, Keeping Up to Date in PC-BSD 9, is on pages 8-9. This article introduces the newly designed Update Manager and demonstrates how to use both the command line and the graphical version of this utility.

Dru Lavigne’s article, Using Life Preserver to Backup a PC-BSD 9 System to FreeNAS 8.0.1, is on pages 10-14. This article demonstrates PC-BSD’s revamped backup utility and demonstrates how to configure FreeNAS to receive backups of a PC-BSD system’s home directories.


New PBI: Samba

The following PBI is now available in Software Manager:

Samba: Samba4 is an attempt to implement an Active Directory compatible Domain Controller. In short, you can join a WinNT, Win2000, WinXP or Win2003 member server to a Samba4 domain, and it will behave much as it does in AD, including Kerberos domain logins where applicable.

Note that this PBI provides the server portion of Samba as PC-BSD aleady includes the client version of Samba. Since this is the server version, you will need to edit the smb.conf configuration file in order to complete the server setup. You can either do this manually or use KDE’s or GNOME’s Windows sharing services which provide front-ends to the Samba configuration.

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