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PC-BSD at MeetBSD California

MeetBSD California takes place this upcoming weekend, November 3-4 at Yahoo! in Santa Clara, CA. Kris Moore will be presenting “The Warden® – FreeBSD and Linux Jail Management” on November 3 and several members of the PC-BSD team will also be attending the conference.

This event requires registration ($75USD).


New Video: PC-BSD 9.1 Isotope Edition Installer

A new video has been posted to YouTube. This video walks through the 9.1 installer, demonstrating how to select desktop components and describes the various disk options available within the installer. It then shows the availalbe post-installation configuration options.


RC2 Available for Testing

The RC2 images for the upcoming PC-BSD 9.1 are now available for i386 and amd64 architectures.

NOTE: the USBfull image for RC2 is slightly larger than a 4GB stick. If you wish to try this image, use a USB stick/drive larger than 4GB.

This release candidate provides both users and developers a means to test out new features in the upcoming PC-BSD 9.1 release. This snapshot may contain buggy code and features, so users are encouraged to run it only on non-critical systems.

Changes since RC1:

  • Fixed multiple bugs where mice freeze or behave incorrectly.
  • Fixed language selection to be displayed as native language.
  • Compatibility improvements for PS2 mice.
  • Fixed time-out issues with External DVD Drive / USB Drives.
  • Updated system proxy paths and functionality.
  • Updated sound detection functionality.
  • Added mp3 / ogg encoders to CD rippers.
  • Added detection for NVIDIA Optimus systems.
  • Added options for cups-base, to fix an issue with many printers printing blank pages when using ghostscript for pdftops conversion.
  • Improved System Manager to only update ports tree if it already is checked out.
  • Improvements to the Warden’s functionality and stability.  Improved jail importing functionality.
  • Added “Update All” button for AppCafe.
  • Graphical enhancements for EasyPBI.

Highlights for the upcoming 9.1-Release:

  • FreeBSD 9.1
  • KDE 4.8.4
  • New system installer! Greatly simplified for desktop and server installs.
  • New TrueOS installation option. Includes command-line utilities like pbi-manager, warden, metapkgmanager and more.
  • Support for ZFS mirror / raidz(1,2,3) during installation.
  • Support for SWAP on ZFS, allowing entire disk ZFS installation.
  • Support for setting additional ZFS data-set options, such as compression, noexec, etc.
  • Warden jail management integrated into system. Allows creating jails via GUI, adding packages and other administration.
  • Support for Warden to create Linux Jails.
  • New “Sound Configuration GUI”.
  • New “Hardware compatibility” GUI.
  • First boot setup wizard allows OEM installs to be easily performed.
  • New Bluetooth pairing tray / GUI utilities.
  • New AppCafe improvements and preferences.
  • Improvements to wifi utility.
  • Fixed bug causing untranslated strings to show up empty.
  • Numerous bug-fixes to PC-BSD related utilities.
  • Support for creating PXE boot server for remote desktop and installation.
  • ZFS beadm support.
  • And much more!


If you wish to update from 9.0 to RC2 you may do so by editing the /usr/local/share/pcbsd/pc-updatemanager/conf/sysupdate.conf file and changing the PATCHSET: variable to pcbsdtest.

After changing this variable, run the updater utility to download a new update manager. Once this update manager is installed, the online update to the RC2 version will appear.

If you find any bugs in RC2, report them to the testing mailing list so that they can be fixed before 9.1 release.


PC-BSD at EuroBSDCon

Several members of the PC-BSD team will be at EuroBSDCon to be held in Warsaw, Poland on October 20-21. There will be a booth in the expo area which will hand out PC-BSD 9.1-RC1 DVDs as well as cool swag.

Kris Moore will present “The Warden – FreeBSD and Linux Jail Management” at 16:40 on Saturday the 20th.

Registration is required for this event.


PDF of Development Environment of PC-BSD Presentation

The PDF of Yuri Momotiuk’s presentation on the PC-BSD development environment is available for download. This presentation provides an overview of PC-BSD source structure, what to include in your GUI application so that it can be localized, how to make the application single-instance, and how to add the application to the Control Panel.


Two Reviews of PC-BSD 9.1

There have been two reviews of the upcoming PC-BSD 9.1 release in the past few days.

The first is an interview with Allan Jude during the Linux Action Show. Allan provides an overview of PC-BSD 9.1, including highlights of the new capabilities of Warden. The video of the show is here and Allan’s segment starts around minute 38:50.

Michael Dexter has posted his review From Crap to Critical on his Call for Testing blog.

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