Lumina Desktop 0.8.3 Released!

The next version of the Lumina Desktop Environment has just been released!

This is mainly a bugfix release to correct an urgent issue with the system tray on FreeBSD 11, but there are a number of other slight improvements/updates included as well. The full list of changes is included at the bottom of this announcement, but the notable changes are as follows:

  • New Panel Plugin: “Application Launcher”
    • This allows the user to pin the shortcut for an application directly to a panel.
  • New Utility: “lumina-xconfig”
    • This utility allows the user to easily enable/disable additional monitors/screens within the desktop session.
  • Fix the issue with transparent system tray icons on FreeBSD 11
  • Add support for the XDG autostart specifications.


The FreeBSD port has already been updated and this version will be included in the next set of PC-BSD package updates (“Edge” packages being created now) as well as included in the next PC-BSD 11 image for April (coming soon).


Reminder: The Lumina desktop environment is still considered to be “beta-quality”, so if you find things that either don’t work or don’t work well, please report them on the PC-BSD bug tracker so that they can get fixed as soon as possible. Feel free to also post tickets for any feature requests or improvements that you think might be useful!




Changes Since 0.8.2

FreeDesktop Standards Compliance:

  •  A number of bugs related to detecting/using XDG mimetypes were fixed.
  • Support for the XDG autostart specifications was added (usage only  – more work is still necessary to convert the current Lumina autostart spec over)
  •  Add some additional fallback routines to account for possible errors in *.desktop files.


New Utility: “lumina-xconfig”

  •  This utility is a graphical front-end to xrandr, and allows the user to easily add/remove screens from the current X session.
  • Shortcuts to this utility are available in the user button plugin, and the settings menu plugin


Insight File Manager:

  •  Add support for creating new (empty) files.
  •  Add an option for enabling/disabling the use of image thumbnails (useful if you have massive directories of pictures – just be sure you disable thumbnails *before* loading the directory).
  •  Add initial drag-and-drop support for moving files/dirs within a directory.
  •  Load the specific icon for any application shortcuts.
  •  Add the ability to view checksums of files.
  •  Add some additional checks/excludes for copy/move operations in the background to prevent the user from performing illegal operations (such as moving a directory into itself).
  •  Add support for listing statistics about the current directory on the window (number of files, total size of files, percent of the filesystem which is used).
  •  Streamline the frequency of the background directory checker – now it runs much less often.


Desktop Changes:

  •  Disable the shutdown/restart options on PC-BSD if the system is in the middle of performing updates. The system may still be shutdown/restart from within PCDM – this just adds an extra layer of safety for users.
  •  Have the shutdown/restart options use the “-o” option on FreeBSD/PC-BSD so that the system performs the action much faster.
  •  Add support for thumbnails, increasing/decreasing icon sizes, removing files, and  cut/copy files to the “desktopview” desktop plugin (the plugin which provides traditional desktop icons).
  •  Add support for increasing/decreasing the icon size for the application launcher desktop plugin.
  •  Update the icon used for the “favorites” system in the user button and the file manager.
  •  Add the ability to display alternate timezones in the system clock. This does *not* change the system time at the moment, it is just a setting for the visual clocks/plugins.
  •  Add a new panel plugin for pinning application shortcuts directly to the panel. (just like the “applauncher” desktop plugin, but on the panel).
  •  Perform the initial search for applications on the system within the session initialization. This ensure that buttons/plugins are responsive as soon as the desktop becomes visible.
  •  Fix an issue with transparent system tray icons on FreeBSD 11, and convert the system tray embed/unembed routines to use the XCB library instead of XLib.
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Written by Ken Moore. Posted in 10.0, 10.1, Lumina, new features, testers

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Comments (9)

  • sg1efc
    March 31, 2015 at 5:11 am |

    Cool, Thanks Ken! 🙂
    “the next PC-BSD 11 image for April (coming soon).” Yay!

  • Rob
    March 31, 2015 at 7:20 am |

    I like how this coming along! Thanks, for the update!

  • […] Представлен релиз легковесного окружения рабочего стола Lumina 0.8.3, развиваемого проектом PC-BSD. Компоненты окружения написаны с использованием библиотеки Qt5 (без применения QML), в качестве оконного менеджера применяется Fluxbox. Lumina изначально нацелен на работу во FreeBSD/PC-BSD и отталкивается от возможностей FreeBSD, отодвигая на второй план портирование для других платформ. Код проекта написан на языке C++ и распространяется под лицензией BSD. Новый выпуск Lumina уже доступен через систему портов FreeBSD и через день или два будет добавлен в репозиторий PC-BSD «Edge». […]

  • Manuel
    March 31, 2015 at 12:15 pm |

    Hello, I have a question about the Lumina Desktop. Is there any GUI for PKG implemented or planed? It would be awesome to have a GUI for PKG under FreeBSD with Lumina…

    • Ken Moore
      March 31, 2015 at 12:56 pm |

      Manuel » PC-BSD already has a GUI for pkg, it is called the AppCafe and can be installed on FreeBSD through the pcbsd-utils-qt5 port/package. There are no plans to create something new specifically for Lumina.

      • Manuel
        March 31, 2015 at 1:00 pm |

        Hi, thanks for the information 🙂

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  • […] Lumina 0.8.3 is released. […]

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