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Just a quick heads up that changes to the Handbook and FAQ will be slower this week as I’m being kept busy with the final technical review for the BSDP exam objectives document which hopefully will be ready for publication by end of next week.

PC-BSD will definitely be rocking the Ohio LinuxFest in mid-September. This is an awesome event and they’re expecting 2000+ attendees this year. Last year we ran out of PC-BSD DVDs and beastie horns in under 10 minutes so this year the BSD booth will be well prepared. Our goal is to have every attendee sporting blinkey red horns and carrying the latest version of PC-BSD.

I’ll be giving a presentation entitled “PC-BSD: An Easy to Use BSD Desktop”, proctoring the BSDA certification and LPI exams, and hanging out at the BSD booth. Kris Moore, founder of the PC-BSD project, will also be helping out at the BSD booth along with other members of the iXsystems/PC-BSD team: jpaetzel, bsdimp, and molander. If you’re able to make it to this event, be sure to drop by the booth and say hi!


Great FAQ Rewrite Has Begun

Something else that should keep us busy for the next few months is updating the FAQS. There are currently several hundred and nearly all of them are out-of-date. Part of our evil plan is to have the FAQS available as an off-line version that can be included with every release. Having the FAQS available as a document means it will also be easier to provide translations for all of the FAQS, once that document becomes stable.

During the rewrite, there will be two FAQ locations. The rewritten and up-to-date FAQS will be available on the wiki. If you are looking for the answer to a question, go here first. The original (not updated yet) FAQS will be at the FAQ website. If you can’t find your answer on the wiki, try that website but be forewarned that the answer may not apply to current versions of PC-BSD.

If you need the answer to an FAQ that is outdated or that does not exist at either location, post your question here so it can be prioritized in the rewrite.


WordPress Ideas?

I’m still learning the various quirks of WordPress and would appreciate some help/advice from those with more experience.

Can anyone recommend a good archive utility that allows for easy navigation without taking up the whole sidebar? I’m envisioning something with a drop down menu that lets you select the month and/or another drop down menu that lets you select a post within a month. Since we blog nearly daily, there will be 25+ posts per month which will quickly start to add clutter.

I offer bonus points, some infamy, and a free beverage of your choice if I ever meet you in person if you can help us solve the hyperlink problem that only occurs in comments. Browse the comments and look for those with hyperlinks to get a visual of the problem (basically, wordpress embeds the URL correctly but prepends the domain name to the first word in the comment).

I’m not happy with the current Events Calendar plugin. It lets me add a description when I create the event (e.g. come visit us at the BSD booth on Saturday and pickup a PC-BSD DVD and some horns), but the description never shows up when you hover over the event. I’m envisioning a calendar that lets you scroll through a month, click on a day, and read more about the event details (e.g. what’s happening, the location, time, etc.).

I have some cool poll software and am looking for poll ideas of interest to you.

Any other plugins that you think would be useful to add onto this blog?


Looking for more PC-BSD/FreeBSD Resources

More cleanup in the Handbook today… Some of it was in the Additional Resources section where I cleaned out the dead links and added the ones I could think of off the top of my head. I’m sure I missed many good resources (editing for 8 hours tends to empty out the top of one’s head…)

You can help us make a comprehensive list of resources. We’re looking for blogs, forums, news sites, tutorials, planets, etc. that deal primarily with FreeBSD and/or PC-BSD. Please leave a comment with the URLs you would like to see included in this list. We’re also looking for non-English resources for those users who would like access to resources in their native language.


Many Doc Changes

Here is a summary of today’s many changes to the doc structure and Handbook.

docs​.pcbsd​.org has been retired as it was merely a collection of assorted links. If you’re looking for documentation, either click on the FAQS icon or the Handbook tab on the PC-BSD website.

Most of the content from the main page of the wiki has been moved into the Handbook. The following sections were integrated:

  • Using the Ports Console Jail
  • Working with FreeBSD Ports & Packages
  • Keeping PC-BSD Updated
  • Jail Management with The Warden
  • Setting up a PC-BSD Thin Client Server
  • Legacy PBI Access (deleted as no longer relevant)
  • Dual Booting
  • Reporting Bugs
  • Using the PC-SysInstall backend (scriptable installs)
  • Using the PBI Builder to make a PBI from a FreeBSD
  • PortPBI Module Builder Guide
  • PBI Request List

Several of these sections had their screenshots and text updated.

In particular, these Handbook sections had a first pass at updating their existing, out-of-date content:

There are bound to be broken links that I’ve missed, so please leave a comment as you find them. Please note that the entire Handbook is an active work in progress (changing hourly). There are some notes (IN CAPS so they stand out) on missing info and the Figures won’t be named and numbered until the content is more stable. The size of the figures will also be standardized once we figure out which size works best in a print layout.

If there is a specific section that you’re waiting to be updated (as you need that info) or if you have suggestions for sections that are missing but needed, leave a comment so they can be prioritized in the editing queue.


The Great Doc Shuffle Has Begun

You may notice some changes on the main website today as we try to consolidate all of the doc pieces into one cohesive whole. The ultimate goal is to have a “one stop shop” for how to use/troubleshoot PC-BSD that is available both online and as an offline copy included with each release.

A link to the FAQS has been added. We’re thinking of a sane way of integrating these into the Handbook, but for now the search utility is quite handy.  Having an easy to find link on the website makes sense.

The Migrate section has been moved to the Handbook so it no longer appears in the red main menu at the top of each page. It has been replaced by a link to the Handbook, so you can easily access it from any page of the website.

The graphic artist is working on the image–a new banner indicating 8.1 as the latest release should be up in the next day or so.

Please let us know if you find any broken links anywhere on the website so these can be attended to.

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