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& Rescue and Gnumeric">PBIs for Search & Rescue and Gnumeric

The following PBIs are now available for installation through Software Manager:

  • Search and Rescue: a 3D flight simulator in which the player flies around
    the map rescuing people. The game has a selection of several different
    helicoptors and a jet airplane to choose from. The game includes
    training missions, more complete missions and a campaign mode as
    well as a free flight option for people who just want to explore.
  • Gnumeric: the goal of Gnumeric is to be the best possible spreadsheet. We are not attempting to clone existing applications. However, Gnumeric can read files saved with other spreadsheets and we offer a customizable feel that attempts to minimize the costs of transition.

Thanks to Jesse Smith and Sam Lin for creating these PBIs.


9.0">Feature Suggestions for 9.0

It’s still very early days for planning the features that will go into PC-BSD 9.0, but there is a start of a task list and some details on improvements that will be made to the PBI format.

We definitely want to hear from you about what you’d like to see included / changed / made better for this release. Currently we have two places you can make a suggestion: as a comment here and the Feature Requests forum. We’re also looking for other ways to have more interactive discussions. Some possibilities include:

  • BOFs at conferences (there is something to be said for face to face conversations)
  • scheduled periodic chat sessions on IRC spread over different dates with each date catching various time zones (e.g. Australia one week, Europe another week, etc.)

What are your suggestions?


Your Feedback on Screenshots

There’s a discussion in the comments section of the Using VirtualBox post which brings up the question of how screenshots should be handled in the Handbook. What’s your opinion? Do you find it useful if:

  • the screenshot shows the default values (what the user sees when they first access a menu or screen)
  • the screenshot shows the desired value (e.g. what the users sees after they make the demonstrated configuration change)
  • the screenshot includes a drop down menu selected (e.g. so the user sees some possible selection values)

While we’re on  the topic of screenshots, do you find an image for each possible screen and/or configuration within a screen to be helpful or distracting? Is it useful to describe in detail every possible configuration option in a particular screen, or is that distracting?

Please leave your comments and suggestions. They will help greatly in fleshing out a design that is useful to PC-BSD users (our ultimate goal for the Handbook).


Using VirtualBox

The Using VirtualBox section of the Handbook has been updated.

Leave a comment if you see anything amiss or want some more content added to this section e.g. it doesn’t answer a scenario that you have encountered using VirtualBox to install PC-BSD.


2.0.8 for FreeBSD and PC-BSD Released">Bordeaux 2.0.8 for FreeBSD and PC-BSD Released

The latest version of Bordeaux is now available. Bordeaux is inexpensive software that allows you to run Windows applications on a non-Windows system such as PC-BSD. This can be handy if you have recently migrated to PC-BSD and still need to use applications that you purchased for Windows or if you have a Windows application that you need to use for work or school. You can learn more about Bordeaux at their website.

Bordeaux is donating a portion of sales to FreeBSDNews and the FreeBSD Foundation. If you’ve been thinking of giving Bordeaux a try, now is a good time to do so.

You’ll find Bourdeaux in Software Manager–however, you’ll have to click on the link in order to purchase, download, and install the PBI.


8.1 Review">PC-BSD 8.1 Review

LinuxBSDos​.com has a review of PC-BSD 8.1. The review begins with:

PC-BSD 8.1 was released on July 20, 2010, roughly five months after version 8.0 was released. Some of the suggestions made in the review of PC-BSD 8.0 have been carried out in this latest release. In fact, the changes were made within one month of that review being published. It is an encouraging example of how some distro developers respond to suggestions (or critical reviews).

While I still think that PC-BSD is not yet ready for the masses, it is coming along very well. This review will offer another detailed look at some of the good and bad sides of this FreeBSD-based distribution, with the attendant recommendations and suggestions for improvement.

Let me begin by looking at the bright side of this distribution. And as always, it has to start with the …

Installation: PC-BSD’s installer is one of the most intuitive graphical installers available on any distribution – Linux or BSD. It is both simple and fully featured. It is not perfect, does not have some of the bells and whistles of Anaconda, the Fedora installer, but it is a lot better than the Ubuntu and Mandriva installers. One aspect of the PC-BSD installer that I especially favor, is that at every step, there is a Back and an Abort button.

You can read the complete review here.

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