Interview with Kris Moore on BSDTalk

Kris Moore was interviewed for BSDTalk yesterday during MeetBSD California. In the interview, he discusses the 9.0 alpha snapshot and some of the stuff he’s working on for PC-BSD 9.0.


PC-BSD 9.0 TODO List and Some Updates

We’re starting to fill in the TODO list for PC-BSD 9.0 and you can view the list here. As items are marked as DONE, we’ll note them on the blog.

Two items were recently completed by Kris and he has hyperlinked their associated “DONE” with their location in the code repository.

The first is to modify the installer to allow for file-system selection when doing auto-partitioning and making UFS+SUJ the default file-system. If you’re not familiar with UFS+SUJ, it is described as follows by FreeBSD committer Ivan Voras:

The venerable UFS has finally received integrated journalling. Earlier it was possible to use gjournal (in whose making I’ve actually participated in an roundabout way) but it was a bulk-data journalling effort, making no distinction between data and metadata, requiring a large journal. The SUJ mode is an addon to SoftUpdates, extending it to record a very small intent-log journal for the edge-cases where it required a (light version of) fsck. This development makes UFS a fully fsck-less file system in the common case.

The second is the creation of the new pc-controlpanel utility. This is a “system settings”-like application which makes it easy to manage PC-BSD. After running it as root once, you can access any of the other PC-BSD specific GUI configuration utilities, regardless of the desktop environment or window manager being used.


Feature Suggestions for 9.0

It’s still very early days for planning the features that will go into PC-BSD 9.0, but there is a start of a task list and some details on improvements that will be made to the PBI format.

We definitely want to hear from you about what you’d like to see included / changed / made better for this release. Currently we have two places you can make a suggestion: as a comment here and the Feature Requests forum. We’re also looking for other ways to have more interactive discussions. Some possibilities include:

  • BOFs at conferences (there is something to be said for face to face conversations)
  • scheduled periodic chat sessions on IRC spread over different dates with each date catching various time zones (e.g. Australia one week, Europe another week, etc.)

What are your suggestions?

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