9.0 Users Handbook">PC-BSD 9.0 Users Handbook

The PC-BSD 9.0 Users Handbook is complete and available in several formats:

  • as an icon on the 9.0-RELEASE desktop (which should be announced as available in the next day or so)
  • in HTML, PDF, and epub formats from the handbook page of the ftp server
  • as a Kindle version which should be available from Amazon some time this week
  • FreeBSD Mall will be selling a “dead tree” version; more details on pricing and ordering should be available on their website in a few days

Let me know if you are interested in translating this version of the Handbook so I can send you the source and make sure that the translations mailing list is aware of the pending translation.


Winner of Haiku Contest

We’re pleased to announce that Jesse Smith is the winner of the Haiku contest with the following entry:

fast, secure, friendly,
a daemon in the machine.
behold: isotope!

The haiku is also availlable as a graphic:


9.0-RC3 Now Available">PC-BSD 9.0-RC3 Now Available

The third (and hopefully last) release candidate for the upcoming PC-BSD 9.0 is now available! This release includes the latest FreeBSD 9.0-RC3 base, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

This is the first release available as both pre-built VirtualBox and VMware images. Each image includes the various guest tools pre-installed, ready for booting in the virtual environment of your choice.

This release also includes a new graphical boot-loader for fresh installations. Users performing an upgrade from RC2 -> RC3 can enable the new bootloader by placing the following lines in /boot/loader.conf:

# Enable the graphical boot-loader


Notable changes in this release (in no particular order):

  • Fixed the default KDE wallpaper / desktop theme
  • Add option to skip performing system upgrades at bootup, in case the user doesn’t have the time to wait.
  • Fix bug starting the port jail from rc.d
  • Make sure we clear any KDE cache during upgrade
  • Fixed bugs installing some PBIs from AppCafe causing seg faults
  • Load ext2fs automatically
  • Default LXDE clock to AM/PM time
  • Add default openbox wallpaper / menus
  • Load the “iir” raid driver on install media
  • Add extra meta-pkg for VMware guest support
  • Reduce CPU usage while checking for system updates on the tray
  • Add new graphical boot loader enabled by default
  • Updated the handbook for 9.0
  • Speed up the download process of system upgrades
  • Add patch for GDM which corrects issues with auto-login
  • Created new VirtualBox / VMware images for download

Known Issues

The system sources / ports tree don’t show up during the component selection, will be fixed for the final.

The firewall manager incorrectly reads the /etc/pf.conf file, will be fixed in the final.

The default QT theme doesn’t always match the rest of the desktops, will be fixed in the final.

Reporting Bugs

Since this is a pre-release, please feel assist us by reporting and fixing bugs. Users are encouraged to discuss their findings on the testers mailing list, or via the PC-BSD Forums.

There are a greater variety of ways to install PC-BSD in the 9.x series. When providing feedback please indicate which install media you are using and in which window manager the error occurs.


1 to RC2">Upgrading from RC1 to RC2

Several users have noted on the testing mailing list that KDE is inaccessible after upgrading from RC1 to RC2. It turns out that the KDE 4.6.x cache is incompatible with the newer 4.7.x cache. Fortunately, the fix is an easy one:

Log in using another window manager (Fluxbox will be available in the login screen even if your only installed window manager is KDE), become the superuser, and run the following command:

rm –rf /var/tmp/kdecache-*

You should now be able to login to KDE.

The configuration files also changed in this version of KDE so the PC-BSD desktop wallpaper and icons will be missing. This has been fixed for RC3.


9.0-RC2 now Available">PC-BSD 9.0-RC2 now Available

Kris has announced the availability of RC2. From the announcement:

The second release candidate for the upcoming PC-BSD 9.0 is now available for download. This release includes the latest FreeBSD 9.0-RC2 base, along with numerous bug fixes and enhancements.


Notable changes in this release, in no particular order:

  • Improve username checks in installer to only allow valid chars
  • Add button for xvkbd virtual-keyboard usage during installation, install can now be done entirely via touch-screen
  • VirtualBox mouse-pointer integration works by default after selecting vboxvideo in display wizard
  • Improve update-manager to not fail on soft errors
  • In services tool, sort by name by default and enable user-sorting via headers
  • Fix mime issues causing false identification of office documents as .zip files
  • Set default language to en_US.UTF-8 which fixes mouting some removable media
  • Set the default mirror server on first boot to the fastest available
  • Save users proxy / pbi configuration across upgrades
  • Fix bug in AppCafe to show PBIs not associated with a particular repo
  • Added FVWM and FVWM-Crystal as desktop options: note these will be PC-BSD themed (desktop and menu items) in RC3
  • Prompt for a desktop in LIVE mode
  • Add Koffice-kde4 as optional meta-pkg for KDE4
  • Make pbi-manager more “sudo” friendly
  • Added optional meta-pkg for Compiz
  • Enable DynamicPM on ATI video
  • Add “switcher2” utility for changing gtk theme
  • Add –R option to “pbi_add” which fetches PBI install file without installing or removing it
  • Add xscreensaver to base system to fix issues in XFCE4 & others

Known Issues:

The default KDE wallpaper / desktop is broken with the update to 4.7.3. This will be fixed for RC3.

Reporting Bugs:

Since this is a pre-release, please assist us by reporting and fixing bugs. Users are encouraged to discuss their findings on the
testers mailing list, or via the PC-BSD Forums.

There are a greater variety of ways to install PC-BSD in the 9.x series. When providing feedback please indicate which install media you are using and in which window manager the error occurs.


9.x — Games">New PBI’s Available for 9.x — Games

There are a large number of new games available for PC-BSD 9.0, spanning game types such as action, arcade, card, educational, strategy, online RPG, puzzle, first person shooter, and party games. As mentioned with the desktop utilities, the PBI’s for these games should work in all the desktop environments available with PC-BSD, not just the one(s) mentioned in the game description.

Some of the new games are (in alphabetical order):

AfternoonStalker, AlienArena, Amoebax, Atomix, Barrage, Bomns, Briquolo, BrainParty, BubBros, Burgerspace, Chromium-BSU, Cosmosmash, Crimson, Cuyo, DJgame2, Dopewars, EasySok, Enigma, FreeDink, Gbrainy, GCompris, Gno3DTet, GnomeBreakout, GnomeChess, GnomeKiss, GnomeMemoryBlocks, GnomerMind, GNUDoku, GTetrinet, GtkTetcolor, gTuring, Gweled, Hedgewars, Hexalate, Instead, Kanatest, KDEGames4, Klavaro, KFreeRings, kMancala, KPicFramer, Kpictorial, KPuzzle, KSudoku, KTritoc, KWappen, LBreakout2, Legends, LianLianKan, LMarbles, LordsAWar, LucidLife, MonkeyBubble, MonsterMasher, MudMagic, nPush, OpenCity, OpenYahtzee, Peg-E, Pink-Pony, Pioneers, Pipewalker, Plee-The-Bear, PokerTH, PPRacer, py-Mnemosyne, py-Pychess, QNetWalk, Six, SuperTux, SolarWolf, TaxiPilot, TEG, Tetzle, TheManaWorld, Toppler, Trackballs, TuxType, WarMUX, Xpuyopuyo, XQF, Zaz

Thanks to Jesse Smith for many of these PBI modules.

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