PC-BSD at Texas LinuxFest

We will be giving out PC-BSD 9.1-Beta1 DVDs, FreeNAS 8.2-RELEASE CDs, and other cool swag at the BSD booth during Texas LinuxFest. The booth is #37 in the Red Oak Ballroom of the Norris Conference Center in San Antonio. The expo is open on Saturday, August 4 from 106. Registration is required and costs $20 or $50.

Kris Moore will give a presentation on PC-BSD 9 at 13:30 on Saturday and Dru Lavigne will give a presentation on FreeNAS 8.3 at 11:20.



There will be a FreeBSD booth in the Expo area of OSCON in Portland, OR on July 1819.

As usual, there will be a bunch of cool swag, as well as free PC-BSD 920120622 DVDs and FreeNAS 8.2 BETA4 CDs. If you’re at OSCON or in the Portland area, drop by to say hi! Donations will also be accepted for the FreeBSD Foundation.

OSCON is being held at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, OR. You can get a free Expo pass here.


PC-BSD at SouthEast LinuxFest

Several members of the PC-BSD team will be at SouthEast LinuxFest to be held in Charlotte, NC from June 810.

Kris Moore will be presenting an “Introduction to PC-BSD 9″ on Friday.

Ken Moore will be presenting “PBI Package Management and Creation” on Saturday.

We’ll be giving out PC-BSD DVDs and cool swag at the BSD booth on Saturday and Sunday. If you’re around, drop by and say hi.

This event is free to attend and pre-registration is recommended. A $65 supporter registration is also available for those who wish to help support the costs of running the conference.



BSDCan will be held at Ottawa University in Ottawa, Canada from May 912.

Kris Moore will present a half-day tutorial on Maintaining your own PBI Package Repository on the morning of May 9. The cost of the tutorial is $60 and pre-registration is required.

There will be a PC-BSD booth on May 1112 in Morisett Hall (see the BSDCan website for a map). If you’re in town, drop by the booth to say hi, pick up a DVD and some swag, and meet other BSD users.


Booth at LinuxFest NorthWest

LinuxFest NorthWest is this weekend at Bellingham Technical College in Bellingham, WA. There will be a FreeBSD booth which will be handing out PC-BSD DVDs and cool swag. This is a free event, so if you’re in this part of the world, drop by and say hi!



Kris Moore will be giving a presentation about PC-BSD at Indiana LinuxFest in Indianapolis, IN on April 14. He will also be giving out PC-BSD DVDs, swag, and answering PC-BSD questions at the BSD booth in the expo area.

If you’re interested in learning more about FreeBSD administration, there will be a full day course entitled FreeBSD for Linux System Administrators on Friday, April 13.

There is no cost to attend either the course or the conference. Pre-registration is encouraged so that you don’t have to wait in line to register when you arrive.

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