Several members of the PC-BSD team will be at EuroBSDCon later this week. Kris Moore will be speaking; his presentation is entitled PC-SYSINSTALL — A new installer backend for PC-BSD & FreeBSD. We will also be giving out DVDs of PC-BSD 8.1 in the booth area of the conference. Hope to see some of you there!



Just a quick heads up that changes to the Handbook and FAQ will be slower this week as I’m being kept busy with the final technical review for the BSDP exam objectives document which hopefully will be ready for publication by end of next week.

PC-BSD will definitely be rocking the Ohio LinuxFest in mid-September. This is an awesome event and they’re expecting 2000+ attendees this year. Last year we ran out of PC-BSD DVDs and beastie horns in under 10 minutes so this year the BSD booth will be well prepared. Our goal is to have every attendee sporting blinkey red horns and carrying the latest version of PC-BSD.

I’ll be giving a presentation entitled “PC-BSD: An Easy to Use BSD Desktop”, proctoring the BSDA certification and LPI exams, and hanging out at the BSD booth. Kris Moore, founder of the PC-BSD project, will also be helping out at the BSD booth along with other members of the iXsystems/PC-BSD team: jpaetzel, bsdimp, and molander. If you’re able to make it to this event, be sure to drop by the booth and say hi!

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