9.0 Users Handbook Translated to Indonesian

The 9.0 PC-BSD Users Handbook has been translated to Indonesian and is available for download in the following formats:

Thanks goes to Tri Mulya S for the translation.

Tigersharke is working on the HTML version which should show up here some time in the next few days.

There will not be a Kindle version as this language is not supported by Amazon Kindle.


Initial 9.1 Installer Documentation

For those of you trying out the 9.0-STABLE-20120225 testing snapshot, or who are curious about the revamped installer for 9.1, Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of the PC-BSD Handbook have been updated with the new screenshots and functionality. Some sections are still being tested or aren’t yet fully implemented and will contain a comment to that effect in ALL CAPS.

I particularly like the new FreeBSD setup wizard; that and the ability to configure ZFS and encryption during installation makes it my new FreeBSD installer of choice.

Some of the new installer features will be refined between now and 9.1-RELEASE and the documentation will be updated accordingly. We will be releasing regular testing snapshots between now and 9.1 to give testers ample time to test new features as they are implemented. It is expected that the next testing snapshot will contain bug fixes from the last snapshot, the new gdm GUI configuration tool, and the changes to Warden that Kris is currently coding.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the new installer, please send them to the PC-BSD testing mailing list.


PC-BSD 9.0 Users Handbook Available From FreeBSD Mall

For those of you who like a hard copy of documentation, the PC-BSD 9.0 Users Handbook is now available for purchase from the FreeBSD Mall. The Handbook is available as:

I’ve heard that the book looks awesome and have seen the cover/label/insert artwork for the DVD. Thanks to Jenny Rosenberg for the artwork and to Theresa Garner at FreeBSD Mall.


PC-BSD 9.0 Users Handbook

The PC-BSD 9.0 Users Handbook is complete and available in several formats:

  • as an icon on the 9.0-RELEASE desktop (which should be announced as available in the next day or so)
  • in HTML, PDF, and epub formats from the handbook page of the ftp server
  • as a Kindle version which should be available from Amazon some time this week
  • FreeBSD Mall will be selling a “dead tree” version; more details on pricing and ordering should be available on their website in a few days

Let me know if you are interested in translating this version of the Handbook so I can send you the source and make sure that the translations mailing list is aware of the pending translation.


PC-BSD in Kindle Lending Library

The Kindle version of the PC-BSD 8.2 Handbook (and the upcoming Kindle version of the 9.0 Handbook) are participating in the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. This program allows Kindle owners to borrow the book for free.


EPUB Version of Handbook

The English version of the PC-BSD 8.2 Handbook is now available in EPUB format. You can download this version from the Handbook section of the FTP server. I’m working on the EPUB version of the Indonesian translation and it should be ready for download by early next week.

EPUB should work on most e-readers (other than Kindle). Wikipedia has a list of both software and hardware EPUB readers.

If you’re wondering what software was used to create the EPUB version, Calibre was used to convert the HTML version to EPUB and Sigil was used to cleanup any formatting errors introduced by the conversion. I originally tried to convert the PDF version, but that required a lot of formatting cleanup; there was very little cleanup required for the HTML conversion. Both applications are available in the FreeBSD ports/packages collection and Calibre is also available as a PBI. Thanks to everyone who suggested the EPUB version, gour for providing the initial Calibre conversion, and Lord Drachenbult for suggesting the HTML conversion.

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