EPUB Version of Handbook

The English version of the PC-BSD 8.2 Handbook is now available in EPUB format. You can download this version from the Handbook section of the FTP server. I’m working on the EPUB version of the Indonesian translation and it should be ready for download by early next week.

EPUB should work on most e-readers (other than Kindle). Wikipedia has a list of both software and hardware EPUB readers.

If you’re wondering what software was used to create the EPUB version, Calibre was used to convert the HTML version to EPUB and Sigil was used to cleanup any formatting errors introduced by the conversion. I originally tried to convert the PDF version, but that required a lot of formatting cleanup; there was very little cleanup required for the HTML conversion. Both applications are available in the FreeBSD ports/packages collection and Calibre is also available as a PBI. Thanks to everyone who suggested the EPUB version, gour for providing the initial Calibre conversion, and Lord Drachenbult for suggesting the HTML conversion.


PC-BSD 8.2 Handbook Available on Kindle

The PC-BSD 8.2 Handbook is now available through Amazon’s Kindle Store. The English version is already available for purchase at most of the Amazon country sites and the Indonesian version should be available sometime in the next 24 hours. We’ll add other translated versions as they become available. Purchase price is $4.99 USD and proceeds are used to help fund the development of PC-BSD.

I’m also working on an epub version so the Handbook can be available for other e-reader devices. I currently don’t have access to a device so will probably put out a call for testers once the formatting looks correct within Sigil (an open source epub editor).


8.2 Handbook is Frozen

The 8.2 version of the Handbook has been frozen to leave time for translation work before 8.2 is released. This means that if you make any edits to the Handbook on the wiki, that change will not make it into the 8.2 version of the Handbook. Once 8.2 is released, the 8.2 Handbook will be available for download/viewing in PDF and HTML formats. The wiki will be unfrozen at that point and work will start on updating the wiki content to reflect the upcoming 9.0 release.

If you are interested in assisting with a translation of the Handbook, please read the instructions in this mailing list post.


Looking for Tester Who Can Dual-Boot Between Windows and PC-BSD

We’re looking for someone who can test the EasyBCD page of the Handbook. To do so, you’ll need an installation of Windows and PC-BSD.

I’ve verified that the instructions work if you check the “Install PC-BSD bootloader” in the disk setup screen during PC-BSD installation. What needs to be tested is if the Windows boot loader can still find PC-BSD if that box is not checked during the PC-BSD installation. Please leave a comment posting your results and I’ll finish up this page of the Handbook to indicate whether or not this box needs to be checked.


Are You Interested in Helping to Translate the Handbook?

We’ve installed the page translation feature on the wiki that is used to develop the PC-BSD Handbook. If you’re interested in becoming a translator for the Handbook, please ping me on #pcbsd IRC freenode or by email so your wiki logon can be added to the translators group. This is the first time we’ve used this feature on mediawiki so if you have experience using this feature we’d love to hear from you as you can help us reduce our learning curve and streamline the process for translating pages.

The wiki will be a busy place as we gear up for publishing a version of the Handbook to be released with 8.2. We can use assistance in the following areas:

  • experimenting with the new PDF creator extension–this one has been a bit of a nightmare to install and configure and we hope to have it ready to use by end of this week. In theory, it should make it easier to visualize what the finished Handbook will look like. It is also supposed to allow any user to create a customized PDF containing just the pages of the Handbook that interest them.
  • reviewing the content, filling in any missing or incomplete portions, and checking for typos, grammos, unclear sections.
  • comparing the content of the Handbook to the 8.2 snapshots to ensure the content and screenshots accurately reflect what an 8.2 user would see on their PC-BSD system.
  • beginning the translations of the Handbook

Do You Use IBus or SCIM?

If so, the Input Methods section of the Handbook needs your help!

We would like this section of the handbook to include practical information from users such as how to use IBus and what applications are useful. While we’re on the topic, are there any applications in the ports collection that you find you have to install because they aren’t included with PC-BSD? Let us know and we’ll see about either including them with the system or rolling them into a PBI. We could also use screenshots from working systems so that users can better understand input methods.

You can edit this wiki page directly. We’ll see your changes and can tidy them up so don’t feel that you have to be a good writer in order to contribute. Alternately, you can use this page’s discussion tab to leave notes on what you think should be included on this page.

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