Second Episode of BSD Now Airs Today

Today’s episode of BSD Now features an interview with Glen Barber from the FreeBSD release engineering team. Glen will discuss how FreeBSD release engineering works and what his role is on the release engineering team, the new features in the upcoming 9.2-RELEASE, and his new role with the FreeBSD Foundation.

This episode also discusses the latest news including a 3x speed improvement in FreeBSD disk encryption, OpenBSD’s Y2038 patch, the New Xorg/mesa, a tutorial on poudriere (binary package building), and viewer feedback questions.

This episode can be streamed live at 2:00PM EDT, 18:00 UTC. Afterwards, the episode will be archived on the same web page. Again, Kris Moore will be the co-host.


Unixmen Interview: BSD For Human Beings?

Unixmen has posted their interview with Kris Moore. In it, Kris discusses why he started the PC-BSD project, why it is based on FreeBSD, and some of the advantages it provides over a user-friendly Linux distro.


BSDTalk216: Interview with Kris Moore

BSDTalk has an interview with Kris Moore that was recorded during BSDCan. Kris talks about the features going into PC-BSD 9.1. The interview is available in mp3 and ogg formats.


Interview with Kris Moore

As part of their Developer’s Corner series, iXsystems has posted an interview with lead PC-BSD developer, Kris Moore. The interview hints at some of the exciting features being developed for 9.1.

Speaking of exciting features, we expect the next testing snapshot to be ready in a week or so. This snapshot will include the changes to Warden which will make it easier than ever to manage jails on a PC-BSD system.


PC-BSD on FLOSS Weekly

Episode 182 of FLOSS Weekly is now online. In this episode, Aaron Newcomb and Randi Harper interview Kris Moore and discuss everything PC-BSD.


Interview with Kris Moore Published in PC Perspective

John Davis recently interviewed Kris Moore for PC Perspective. In the interview they discuss PC-BSD’s hardware support, performance, gaming, and the future of PC-BSD. The full interview is available here.

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