Site Maintenance May Result in Some Down Time

Our provider will be doing some scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, July 6th. This means that the PC-BSD website, ftp server for downloads, and the pootle translation site may experience a short period of downtime. If any of these sites happens to be down when you try to access it, you probably hit the maintenance window–try again a little later.


PC-BSD Website has New Design

If you’ve been to the PC-BSD website this week, you will have noticed that it has a shiny new look. Besides being pretty, some new features were added during the redesign:

  • there is a new menu system for organizing content
  • the web backend has been updated
  • you can now chat on the #pcbsd IRC channel from your web browser (no IRC client required)
  • comments are enabled with Facebook and Twitter integration
  • blog entries automatically appear on the website’s main page
  • there is now a search bar for finding content

We hope you enjoy the new look! Leave a comment if you have any features that you would like to see included or notice anything that didn’t survive the migration from the old to the new website format.


Hubble and Fibonacci Wallpaper Now Available on PC-BSD Artwork Page

A PC-BSD user asked on IRC the other day if it was possible to download PC-BSD wallpapers from the website. The Fibonacci and Hubble wallpapers have been added to the Wallpaper section of theArtwork page.


New Danish Social Group on PC-BSD Forums

Henrik Eismark has created a Danish social group on the PC-BSD forums. If you are a Dane who uses PC-BSD, check it out and help to spread the word so that it becomes a useful resource for networking with other Danish PC-BSD users. It looks like he is also hoping to get some help in translating the Guide to Danish.


New KDE Build Environment

iXsystems recently donated a build environment to the FreeBSD KDE ports team. This means that the porters don’t have to compile KDE on their own systems (if you’ve ever compiled the KDE port you have an idea of how long that takes), which should speed up the porting process.

The build server is a VM running FreeBSD HEAD, allocated one core and 8 gigs of RAM from the host, which is a dual Nehalem 5520 Xeon with 32 gigs of RAM. The build environment has access to QAT’s distfile cache and a dedicated database server for the tinderbox database.


Cost Optimization Through Open Source Software

The lead article in this month’s edition of the Open Source Business Resource was contributed by iXsystems. It describes some of the business reasons behind the company’s choice to use only FreeBSD and PC-BSD systems in its own infrastructure and provides a cost/savings comparison for both software and maintenance costs. It also contains some good references and percentages if you’re looking for something to show your manager.

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