Hubble and Fibonacci Wallpaper Now Available on PC-BSD Artwork Page

A PC-BSD user asked on IRC the other day if it was possible to download PC-BSD wallpapers from the website. The Fibonacci and Hubble wallpapers have been added to the Wallpaper section of theArtwork page.


New Danish Social Group on PC-BSD Forums

Henrik Eismark has created a Danish social group on the PC-BSD forums. If you are a Dane who uses PC-BSD, check it out and help to spread the word so that it becomes a useful resource for networking with other Danish PC-BSD users. It looks like he is also hoping to get some help in translating the Guide to Danish.


New KDE Build Environment

iXsystems recently donated a build environment to the FreeBSD KDE ports team. This means that the porters don’t have to compile KDE on their own systems (if you’ve ever compiled the KDE port you have an idea of how long that takes), which should speed up the porting process.

The build server is a VM running FreeBSD HEAD, allocated one core and 8 gigs of RAM from the host, which is a dual Nehalem 5520 Xeon with 32 gigs of RAM. The build environment has access to QAT’s distfile cache and a dedicated database server for the tinderbox database.


Cost Optimization Through Open Source Software

The lead article in this month’s edition of the Open Source Business Resource was contributed by iXsystems. It describes some of the business reasons behind the company’s choice to use only FreeBSD and PC-BSD systems in its own infrastructure and provides a cost/savings comparison for both software and maintenance costs. It also contains some good references and percentages if you’re looking for something to show your manager.


Thanks Button in Forums

A user pointed out today that FreeBSD Forums posts include a Thanks button to thank the poster. We thought that was a great idea so the PC-BSD forums now include that functionality as well.

If you find the information in a post helpful, take a moment to press the Thanks button to let the original poster know. Note that you have to be logged in order to see the Thanks button and to click it.


WordPress Ideas?

I’m still learning the various quirks of WordPress and would appreciate some help/advice from those with more experience.

Can anyone recommend a good archive utility that allows for easy navigation without taking up the whole sidebar? I’m envisioning something with a drop down menu that lets you select the month and/or another drop down menu that lets you select a post within a month. Since we blog nearly daily, there will be 25+ posts per month which will quickly start to add clutter.

I offer bonus points, some infamy, and a free beverage of your choice if I ever meet you in person if you can help us solve the hyperlink problem that only occurs in comments. Browse the comments and look for those with hyperlinks to get a visual of the problem (basically, wordpress embeds the URL correctly but prepends the domain name to the first word in the comment).

I’m not happy with the current Events Calendar plugin. It lets me add a description when I create the event (e.g. come visit us at the BSD booth on Saturday and pickup a PC-BSD DVD and some horns), but the description never shows up when you hover over the event. I’m envisioning a calendar that lets you scroll through a month, click on a day, and read more about the event details (e.g. what’s happening, the location, time, etc.).

I have some cool poll software and am looking for poll ideas of interest to you.

Any other plugins that you think would be useful to add onto this blog?

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