PC-BSD and Blekko

Yesterday the PC-BSD project announced its partnership with the Blekko search engine. From the press release:

PC-BSD, a free open-source operating system that focuses on desktops and laptops, announced today that blekko, the popular human-curated search engine, has been chosen as the default search engine in the latest release of the operating system.

Blekko is a comprehensive search engine known for producing relevant search results. Using slashtags, curated sets of web sites organized around a particular topic, blekko combines the mechanical prowess of Google with human editors and communities in order to eliminate spam in search results and create a personalized search experience for its users.

PC-BSD 9.0, the latest release of the operating system, incorporates a search page powered by blekko that enables users to effortlessly search for quality, relevant and spam-free search results within the PC-BSD community. Users can also personalize their blekko search engine page with their own slashtags, and can share results with friends through social media channels, including Facebook.

Blekko is a new and refreshing way to find what you need on the Internet,” says Kris Moore, Director of PC-BSD Software Development at iXsystems. “The slashtag concept in particular breathes new life into finding relevant search results, without all the needless sifting through pages of often unrelated content.”

Blekko has tapped the PC-BSD community to edit and maintain the PC-BSD slashtag. The newly created slashtag “/pcbsd” only shows quality results from trusted PC-BSD-related websites.

We hope the PC-BSD community will embrace the blekko cause of eliminating spam from search by allowing users to curate the web”, says Greg Lindahl, CTO at blekko. “PC-BSD users are exactly the sort of inquisitive people who can help create a better search experience for everyone.”

PC-BSD 9.0 uses Blekko as the home page for web browsers installed with AppCafe™. If you’d like to try out Blekko, the PC-BSD themed Blekko page is here.


2 Articles in November Issue of BSD Mag">2 Articles in November Issue of BSD Mag

Two PC-BSD articles appear in the November issue of BSD Magazine, which is now available for free download.

On pages 68, Mark VonFange discusses some of the new features in the upcoming release of PC-BSD 9.0.

On pages 1213, Kris Moore demonstrates how to create your own PBI repository on a FreeBSD system.


Incoming OSX BootCamp Support

One of the most requested features in the upcoming PC-BSD 9 series, is the ability to easily install to BootCamp partition, allowing dual-booting with OSX. We are pleased to announce that the initial support for this will be available soon in the 9.0-RC1 release.We are looking forward to feedback from Mac users to ensure this works smoothly for everybody in 9.0-Final.

For details on BootCamp installation, please take a look at the wiki page below.


Special thanks to Marcel Moolenaar for the GPT / gpart improvements which enabled this functionality!


9.0 Control Panel">Article Introducing 9.0 Control Panel

The July issue of BSD Magazine has an article introducing the PC-BSD 9.0 Control Panel on pages 1215. It also provides instructions for building the Control Panel on FreeBSD or PC-BSD 8.2. The ability to add the administrative tools of any window manager regardless of the window manager you are currently logged into is pretty slick. You can also read just this article on slideshare.


9 Snapshot Includes Control Panel and MythTV Improvements">Latest 9 Snapshot Includes Control Panel and MythTV Improvements

Kris has just announced that the next testing snapshot is available. Some of the changes will be of interest to MythTV and multiple window manager users:

The next snapshot for PC-BSD 9-CURRENT is now available for download.

Snapshot instructions and general information on providing testing feedback are available here.

This snapshot includes the following changes:

  • Update to Control-panel allows it to detect the current window manager and display the configuration tools provided by that desktop environment. Included is a CLI de-info script to get current desktop as well as a list of all installed desktop environments. Thanks to Yuri Momotiuk for this cool feature.
  • Added several new MythTV plugins and related ports as well as an icon for MythTV initial setup. We’re looking for MythTV users to test these changes and help with documenting MythTV usage in the Handbook.
  • Fixed some typos in pbi-manager man pages.
  • Corrected some incorrect wallpaper re-sizing on the installer.
  • Updated nvidia driver to 270.41.06 which adds support for several GPUs.
  • Fixed nvidia driver not loading kernel module at boot.
  • Allow user mounting of mmcsd(4) MMC and SD memory cards.
  • Added uhidd (USB human interface devices) to the base-system.
  • Fixes to the network manager for setting up IPv6 gateway / DNS.
  • Fixed bugs in the System Manager checking out ports / system source.
  • Added patch for pc-sysinstall which improves wiping backup GPT partition tables.
  • Fixed issue with optional components, source / ports not being installed from DVD
  • Updated the default beastie.4th boot-splash menu to boot quicker, and more easily halt the countdown

9 Format">Formal Paper on New PBI 9 Format

Kris’ formal paper on the new PBI 9 format is available as a PDF download. In it he describes the historical reasons for the legacy format as well as the design behind the new format. He also provides a brief overview of the new suite of PBI command line tools.

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