Creating PBI’s with EasyPBI

Ken Moore has an article in the June issue of BSD Magazine which describes how to easily generate PBIs from existing FreeBSD ports. The article is on pages 2630 and this issue of the magazine can be downloaded for free from here.


2 PC-BSD Articles in May Issue of BSDMag">2 PC-BSD Articles in May Issue of BSDMag

The May issue of BSDMag (available for free download here) has two articles about PC-BSD.

Kris Moore has an article “A Fresh Look for the Warden for PC-BSD 9.1″ on pp. 69. Warden is a GUI tool for managing FreeBSD jails and has been rewritten for 9.1. New features include the ability to add multiple jails, the ability to create FreeBSD jails or ports jails (which use nullfs to allow you to safely install and run apps on your PC-BSD system), and the ability to export and import jails.

Jesse Smith has an article “Introducing EasyPBI–Making PBI Modules With a Few Mouse Clicks” on pp. 1819. EasyPBI allows one to convert an existing FreeBSD port into a PC-BSD PBI with an easy-to-use GUI.


9.x — Games">New PBI’s Available for 9.x — Games

There are a large number of new games available for PC-BSD 9.0, spanning game types such as action, arcade, card, educational, strategy, online RPG, puzzle, first person shooter, and party games. As mentioned with the desktop utilities, the PBI’s for these games should work in all the desktop environments available with PC-BSD, not just the one(s) mentioned in the game description.

Some of the new games are (in alphabetical order):

AfternoonStalker, AlienArena, Amoebax, Atomix, Barrage, Bomns, Briquolo, BrainParty, BubBros, Burgerspace, Chromium-BSU, Cosmosmash, Crimson, Cuyo, DJgame2, Dopewars, EasySok, Enigma, FreeDink, Gbrainy, GCompris, Gno3DTet, GnomeBreakout, GnomeChess, GnomeKiss, GnomeMemoryBlocks, GnomerMind, GNUDoku, GTetrinet, GtkTetcolor, gTuring, Gweled, Hedgewars, Hexalate, Instead, Kanatest, KDEGames4, Klavaro, KFreeRings, kMancala, KPicFramer, Kpictorial, KPuzzle, KSudoku, KTritoc, KWappen, LBreakout2, Legends, LianLianKan, LMarbles, LordsAWar, LucidLife, MonkeyBubble, MonsterMasher, MudMagic, nPush, OpenCity, OpenYahtzee, Peg-E, Pink-Pony, Pioneers, Pipewalker, Plee-The-Bear, PokerTH, PPRacer, py-Mnemosyne, py-Pychess, QNetWalk, Six, SuperTux, SolarWolf, TaxiPilot, TEG, Tetzle, TheManaWorld, Toppler, Trackballs, TuxType, WarMUX, Xpuyopuyo, XQF, Zaz

Thanks to Jesse Smith for many of these PBI modules.


9.0 — Desktop Utilities">New PBI’s Available for 9.0 — Desktop Utilities

With PCBSD 9.0 rapidly approaching completion, I wanted to take some time over the next week or so to inform the community about many of the new 9.x PBI’s that will be available through the AppCafe.

Today I am going to list the new PBI’s within the “Desktop Utilities” category (ports/deskutils in FreeBSD language). One of the main aspects that I wish to point out is that while many of these programs are designed to work within specific desktop environments (GNOME, KDE, etc…), the PBI format ensures that these programs should work with any of the PCBSD 9.0 desktop environments, regardless of the program description! For example: Katapult is a KDE application that, when installed as a PBI, works successfully on a system with IceWM rather than KDE installed. I hope this will allow users to utilize the applications that they are familiar with, while running the desktop environment of their choice!

Some of the new PBI’s for the desktop utilities category are listed below (in alphabetical order):

Alacarte, BlogTK, BookReader, Cairo-Dock, Drivel, FBReader, GanyRemote, GBirthday, Genius, Gnote, GnoTime, Gourmet, Griffith, GRuler, GTG, gToDo, Gucharmap, GXNeur, Katapult, KBLTicker, KLuJe, KnowIt, Krefty, KTagebuch, Labyrinth, Launchy, NoteCase, Orage, Parcellite, Pinot, Planner, QTM, Recoll, RedNotebook, Rubrica, TaskCoach, Virt-Manager, Wammu, XPad

Thanks to Jesse Smith for creating many of the modules for these PBI’s.


New PBI: Midori

The following PBI is now available in Software Manager:

Midori: Midori is a lightweight web browser.

Thanks to Ken Moore for creating this PBI module and to Linuxis for requesting it.


New PBI: Samba

The following PBI is now available in Software Manager:

Samba: Samba4 is an attempt to implement an Active Directory compatible Domain Controller. In short, you can join a WinNT, Win2000, WinXP or Win2003 member server to a Samba4 domain, and it will behave much as it does in AD, including Kerberos domain logins where applicable.

Note that this PBI provides the server portion of Samba as PC-BSD aleady includes the client version of Samba. Since this is the server version, you will need to edit the smb.conf configuration file in order to complete the server setup. You can either do this manually or use KDE’s or GNOME’s Windows sharing services which provide front-ends to the Samba configuration.

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