KDEConnect in PC-BSD — Remote Control Your Desktop From Your Android Phone

Hey guys check out our video on KDEConnect in PC-BSD on YouTube!  It’s an awesome new app that allows you to receive text messages, phone notifications, incoming calls notifications, media remote control, and more!


PC-BSD YouTube Channel

Hey everyone just a quick heads up we’ve just started a PC-BSD YouTube channel!  If you want to check it out you can follow this link https://​www​.youtube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​y​d​7​M​a​P​V​U​p​a​-​u​e​U​s​G​j​U​u​jag.  Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos and if you have a video or tutorial you’d like to submit send it my way!  We only have a couple videos right now so we need your help to grow our channel :).  Also we’d love for you to submit your ideas we can do for videos in the future.



PDF of Development Environment of PC-BSD Presentation

The PDF of Yuri Momotiuk’s presentation on the PC-BSD development environment is available for download. This presentation provides an overview of PC-BSD source structure, what to include in your GUI application so that it can be localized, how to make the application single-instance, and how to add the application to the Control Panel.


PC-BSD Presentation at KyivBSD

Yuri Momotiuk will give a presentation “Development Environment of PC-BSD” on Saturday, September 24 at KyivBSD in Kyiv, Ukraine. Yuri developed the PC-BSD Control Panel and the GDM Configuration utility and is working on a bug reporting tool for PC-BSD 9.2. The presentation will be in Russian.


pc-sysinstall article in June Issue of BSD Mag

Kris has written an article “Installing FreeBSD with pc-sysinstall” which has been published on pages 2628 in the June issue of BSD Mag. You can download that issue for free from here. From the introduction:

Several months ago, the PC-SYSINSTALL system (the installer for PC-BSD 8.0 and higher) was merged into FreeBSD CURRENT, in preparation for FreeBSD 9.0. This installer is primarily a backend, but it can also be used stand-alone for multiple scripted or single installations of FreeBSD. In this article we will take a look at how to use PC-SYSINSTALL, as well as various configuration options to take advantage of FreeBSD features which currently cannot be used via the default installer.


Video (in Spanish) on PC-BSD

Sergio Ligregni’s presentation on PC-BSD is now available on Youtube. It is also available from this blog post.

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