PC-BSD YouTube Channel

Hey everyone just a quick heads up we’ve just started a PC-BSD YouTube channel!  If you want to check it out you can follow this link https://​www​.youtube​.com/​c​h​a​n​n​e​l​/​U​C​y​d​7​M​a​P​V​U​p​a​-​u​e​U​s​G​j​U​u​jag.  Don’t forget to subscribe for new videos and if you have a video or tutorial you’d like to submit send it my way!  We only have a couple videos right now so we need your help to grow our channel :).  Also we’d love for you to submit your ideas we can do for videos in the future.



PDF of Development Environment of PC-BSD Presentation

The PDF of Yuri Momotiuk’s presentation on the PC-BSD development environment is available for download. This presentation provides an overview of PC-BSD source structure, what to include in your GUI application so that it can be localized, how to make the application single-instance, and how to add the application to the Control Panel.


PC-BSD Presentation at KyivBSD

Yuri Momotiuk will give a presentation “Development Environment of PC-BSD” on Saturday, September 24 at KyivBSD in Kyiv, Ukraine. Yuri developed the PC-BSD Control Panel and the GDM Configuration utility and is working on a bug reporting tool for PC-BSD 9.2. The presentation will be in Russian.


pc-sysinstall article in June Issue of BSD Mag

Kris has written an article “Installing FreeBSD with pc-sysinstall” which has been published on pages 2628 in the June issue of BSD Mag. You can download that issue for free from here. From the introduction:

Several months ago, the PC-SYSINSTALL system (the installer for PC-BSD 8.0 and higher) was merged into FreeBSD CURRENT, in preparation for FreeBSD 9.0. This installer is primarily a backend, but it can also be used stand-alone for multiple scripted or single installations of FreeBSD. In this article we will take a look at how to use PC-SYSINSTALL, as well as various configuration options to take advantage of FreeBSD features which currently cannot be used via the default installer.


Video (in Spanish) on PC-BSD

Sergio Ligregni’s presentation on PC-BSD is now available on Youtube. It is also available from this blog post.


PC-BSD: An Easy to Use BSD Desktop

My presentation for next week’s Ohio Linuxfest is available on Slideshare.

If you’re in the Columbus, OH area next week, drop by the BSD booth and pick up a free DVD of PC-BSD 8.1 and meet and chat with members of the PC-BSD team.

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