Security Update for OpenSSL

A security patch is available in Update Manager that addresses the recent OpenSSL vulnerabilities described in FreeBSD security advisory 10:10.openssl. Once the patch is installed, you will need to reboot your system in order to apply it. Instructions for applying a system patch are in the Handbook.


Update to Nvidia Driver Update (260.19.12)

There’s been an update to the latest NVIDIA update that fixes an issue with missing libvdpau files. It should be listed in Update Manager as “NVIDIA Driver Update 260.19.12 (VDPAU Fixed) – 46 MB (10-29-2010)”. If you use the NVIDIA driver, you can use Update Manager to install the update. If you don’t use the NVIDIA driver, you can hide the update by right-clicking it in Update Manager and selecting “Ignore this update”.


Nvidia 260.19.12 Update Available

The latest NVIDIA driver is now available through Update Manager. The release highlights for this version are listed here. This update applies to both 32 and 64 bit systems.

To apply the update, double-click on Update Manager in your system tray. Highlight the “Nvidia Driver Update (260.19.12) – 46MB (10-27-2010)” entry and click the “Install selected updates” button. When it is finished, reboot. Select option “7. Run the Display Setup Wizard” at the boot-splash screen, and you will then be able to select the new driver.


Online Update Available for Integer overflow in bzip2 decompression Security Advisory

Yesterday Kris uploaded the PC-BSD update that addresses a recent security issue detailed in this FreeBSD Security Advisory.

To apply the update on your PC-BSD system, use Update Manager, then reboot for the fix to take effect.

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