MythTV Configuration Improvements in Latest 9 Snapshot

The latest 9.0 testing snapshot contains a configuration script that automatically initializes the MythTV backend so the front-end is ready to use. We’re looking for testers, preferably with a video capture card, to test the setup on as many systems as possible and to provide information for the 9.0 PC-BSD Users Guide.

A documentation page has been started here. It includes links to the recommended hardware and screenshots of what should happen until you get to the front-end. At the moment, I don’t have a video capture card so testing by people who do would be much appreciated.

If you try out MythTV and come across an error, please post the error message and what prompted it to the testing mailing list. If you try it out and want to add to the documentation, create a wiki account. You can either add your edits directly on that page, or if you prefer to leave your notes for an editor to incorporate into the documentation, leave them in the Discussion tab of that page.


Torrents Available for Latest 9 Testing Snapshot

John R Davis Jr. has started some torrents to speed up the download of yesterday’s latest testing snapshots. So far, these torrents are available:

  • 32-bit CD Image
  • 32-bit LITE USB Image
  • 32-bit Network Install USB Image
  • 32-bit Network Install CD Image
  • 32 bit Live USB image
  • 32 bit Install USB Image
  • 32 bit DVD Image
  • 32 bit live DVD Image
  • 64-bit Network Install USB Image
  • 64-bit Network Install CD Image
  • 64 bit CD Image
  • 64 bit LITE USB Image
  • 64 bit live USB Image
  • 64 bit Install USB Image
  • 64 bit Install DVD
  • 64 bit live DVD

To use a torrent file you must first have a torrent program. If you are running Windows, try utorrent. If you are running Linux, check to see which torrent applications are available for your distro. If you do not have a built in client in your Linux distribution, try transmission. If you are running Mac OS X, transmission is also a good client.

Once you have a client you can download the .torrent file by right clicking its link and clicking save as, or by clicking on the link your browser should ask you to either save as or run using the default program.

After you open the .torrent file, you have to wait for your program to download the file from the “Seeders”. Your program should provide you an estimated download time.

After you are finished downloading the file, please leave your torrent program open so that it can seed the file. When you seed, it speeds up the download of that file for everyone else. Note that you have permission to seed these files as they are freely available under the BSD license.


9-Current Testing Snapshot 20110607 Now Available‏

The next PC-BSD 9-CURRENT snapshot is now available for download.

This snapshot includes a lot of fixes and changes, notably:

  • Overhauled Life-Preserver backup utility
  • Fixes to AppCafe browser navigation
  • Improvements to system installer pages, such as disk / user setup
  • Improved tray notifier for available updates
  • New “Welcome” program to introduce new users to PC-BSD
  • Wifi tool automatically loaded in tray
  • New beastie splash menu which allows booting from failsafe kernel
  • Improvements for IPv6 support in base / utilities
  • Misc bugfixes reported by users from last snapshot

As usual, please test and report bugs any problems back to the testing mailing list.


Looking for CPULimit Testers

LimitCPU is a Linux program to throttle the CPU cycles used by other applications. LimitCPU will monitor a process and make sure its CPU usage stays at or below a given percentage. This can be used to make sure your system has plenty of CPU cycles available for other tasks. It can also be used to keep laptops cool in the face of CPU-hungry processes and for limiting virtual machines. It is based on an earlier project known as CPUlimit.

Jesse Smith is working to make CPUlimit more compatible with FreeBSD and PC-BSD. He has committed a FreeBSD port (sysutils/cpulimit) and would like to fine-tune it a bit and gather more feedback from BSD users as some of the code which is used to check the CPU cycles is Linux specific. He wants to make sure that the port properly detects and throttles CPU usage on a wide variety of systems.

If you have time to test the port, please send your feedback to Jesse at the email address listed here.


Latest 9 Snapshot Includes Control Panel and MythTV Improvements

Kris has just announced that the next testing snapshot is available. Some of the changes will be of interest to MythTV and multiple window manager users:

The next snapshot for PC-BSD 9-CURRENT is now available for download.

Snapshot instructions and general information on providing testing feedback are available here.

This snapshot includes the following changes:

  • Update to Control-panel allows it to detect the current window manager and display the configuration tools provided by that desktop environment. Included is a CLI de-info script to get current desktop as well as a list of all installed desktop environments. Thanks to Yuri Momotiuk for this cool feature.
  • Added several new MythTV plugins and related ports as well as an icon for MythTV initial setup. We’re looking for MythTV users to test these changes and help with documenting MythTV usage in the Handbook.
  • Fixed some typos in pbi-manager man pages.
  • Corrected some incorrect wallpaper re-sizing on the installer.
  • Updated nvidia driver to 270.41.06 which adds support for several GPUs.
  • Fixed nvidia driver not loading kernel module at boot.
  • Allow user mounting of mmcsd(4) MMC and SD memory cards.
  • Added uhidd (USB human interface devices) to the base-system.
  • Fixes to the network manager for setting up IPv6 gateway / DNS.
  • Fixed bugs in the System Manager checking out ports / system source.
  • Added patch for pc-sysinstall which improves wiping backup GPT partition tables.
  • Fixed issue with optional components, source / ports not being installed from DVD
  • Updated the default beastie.4th boot-splash menu to boot quicker, and more easily halt the countdown

9-Current 20110425 Snapshot Available

Kris has announced that the next testing snapshot is available:

The next PC-BSD 9-CURRENT 20110425 snapshot is now available for download.


  • Fixed issue launching the handbook icon
  • Fixes for using GELI with a passphrase and not key files
  • Fixed running the installer via the LIVE DVD / USB images
  • Numerous fixes to window-managers, stray icons, missing configurations, etc
  • Started adding theme data, such as wallpapers, icons and related configuration

Known Issues:

  • Still working on some bugs related to loading / using the nvidia binary drivers
  • The installer wallpaper may show up with incorrect re-sizing

For answers to common questions, including how to provide feedback, please refer to the snapshot page on the wiki.

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