64-Bit Testing Snapshot">Latest 64-Bit Testing Snapshot

Kris has announced that the next testing snapshot is available:

Another 9-Current 64bit snapshot has been uploaded to the FTP server. This snapshot includes the following changes:

  • Disabled AHCI by default to fix some bugs working with Optical/Disk media
  • PBI’s are now able to be installed as regular user accounts, for those in the “operators” group
  • Updates to the AppCafe GUI to enhance usability
  • WIFI configuration GUI enhancements to auto-detect encryption type and make connection more streamlined
  • Fixed a bug in the LXDE menus which had caused it to refresh every 3 seconds

We are currently working on fixing up the i386 build server and hope to have a new 32bit snapshot with the next batch.

Known Issues:

  • The system installer has a bug that prevents loading vanilla FreeBSD, will be fixed for next snapshot

As usual, please let us know of any problems on the testing mailing list.


Looking for Testers: New Swap Extender

Jesse Smith has been working on a program that monitors how much swap space is available on a PC-BSD system. As existing swap space is used up, Swap Extender creates a larger swap file, effectively growing the amount of swap available to the operating system. As swap usage decreases, Swap Extender shrinks the swap file.

Instructions for downloading and installing Swap Extender and where to send any bug reports or suggestions can be found on this forum thread.


64 Testing Snapshot Contains Latest Xorg">New AMD64 Testing Snapshot Contains Latest Xorg

The latest testing snapshot for 9.0 is now available in various formats from the FTP server. Some notes on this snapshot:

  • There was a failure on the i386 build server earlier this week, meaning there isn’t a 32 bit snapshot for this round of testing. The next testing snapshot will be available in both 32 and 64 bit versions in about 2 weeks.
  • This is the first snapshot to contain the latest developments from the FreeBSD Xorg porting team. miwi@‘s notes on the state of this testing version of Xorg are here. All future snapshots will contain the testing version of Xorg, allowing PC-BSD testers to assist the porters in finding bugs so that they can be fixed and to help speed up the porting process.
  • This snapshot also contains the new AppCafe. If no apps appear, wait a day or so as Kris is busy generating PBIs.

As always, let us know if you come across any bugs, either as a comment here or as a posting on the testing mailing list. The Handbook contains some instructions on becoming a tester.


BigBlueButton Port is Available

A FreeBSD port is now available for BigBlueButton, an open source web conferencing and collaboration tool. I’m hoping that the FreeBSD package is available soon so that a PBI can be created.

In the mean time, I’ve updated the instructions for installing the port on FreeBSD and PC-BSD. I also gave a presentation at last night’s NYCBUG meeting–you can view and/or download the slides here.


9-CURRENT-20110225 Snapshot Available for Testing">9-CURRENT-20110225 Snapshot Available for Testing

Kris has just announced the availability of the latest snapshot:

With the 8.2 release finished, now our attention will be turning to the 9-CURRENT branch, and what will eventually become 9.0. I’ve just finished uploading the latest snapshot of 9, which is available from our FTP site.

This release contains a lot of changes from the previous snapshot, including some changes to how the installation of meta-pkgs is shown, a redesign of the Software Browser for browsing PBI repositories, and more.

In regard to the Software Browser, it has now been renamed the “AppCafe”, and it should be functional for browsing and installing some of the PBIs we’ve uploaded for testing, such as firefox, thunderbird, openoffice, etc.

In the upcoming days I will also be working on the import of a new PC-BSD Control Panel.

As usual, please give this snapshot a whirl, and report any bugs and issues to the testing mailing list.


FreeBSD Xorg Team Looking for Testers

The FreeBSD Xorg team is looking for testers for the upcoming 7.5.1 version of Xorg. If you have a test system and are interested in testing this release of xorg, you’ll find the instructions here. From the original message:

The Xorg T(m)eam is happy to announce the next round of Xorg fun! The X-Server has been patched to the latest 1.7.X series, drivers and fonts have been updated to the latest versions, but unfortunately we are not able to update libGL, drm and xorg-server to a higher version because FreeBSD doesn’t support GEM/KSE (yet), but it looks good for now, as kib@ is working on that, so we hope the future will be better for us. This update includes some components from Xorg 7.6 with a lot of improvements, and it seems that the performance is much better than the old version. We are calling the update xorg 7.5.1.

We hope you will enjoy the new stuff and give us a lot of feedback. We will start an exp-run tonight and depending on how much feedback we get, we plan to commit this update by the first weekend of March.

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