Testing Snapshot 20110414 Available

The next PC-BSD 9 snapshot is now available for both amd64 and i386.

Kris has created a new Wiki page with details about the snapshots. Please take a look at it before installing any snapshots:

Changes in this snapshot:

  • KDE 4.6.2
  • Updated the port for gksu and fixed bugs running apps as root
  • Many improvements to AppCafe
  • Installing PBIs as user now adds binaries to PATH
  • Many bug fixes to menu icons / LXDE / KDE4 / Gnome that were reported by testers of the last snapshot
  • Using GELI with a password doesn’t create additional key files now
  • Installer hides “FreeBSD” option when it isn’t available on the current media

Known Issue:

  • The handbook desktop link doesn’t work. This is fixed in SVN and will be in the next snapshot.

Please send any bug reports to the testing mailing list.


Testing Snapshot 20110405 Available‏

A new 9-CURRENT snapshot is now available from our ftp site for both 32 and 64 bit systems.

Included in this snapshot:

  • KDE 4.6.1
  • Fixes for installing across multiple drives with gmirror
  • Improvements to the networking GUI, able to run without prompting for root passwords
  • Fixes to the AppCafe, improvements for installing apps as a user account
  • Bugfixes to the pbi_* commands

Known Issues:

  • There is still a bug with using disk-encryption from the installer which will be fixed soon.

Testing snapshots are ALPHA quality software, meaning that you should test them on a test system or virtual environment. Expect issues and bugs and please report any issues back to the testing mailing list.


Looking for Tester with Canon Pixma MP 270 or MP 272 Printer

We’re looking to see if the drivers from the Canon website will work on a FreeBSD or PC-BSD system. If you have one of these printers and are comfortable with using the command line, instructions can be found at this comment in this forum thread. If you can test this driver, let us know your results either on the forum or as a comment on this blog post.


Latest 64-Bit Testing Snapshot

Kris has announced that the next testing snapshot is available:

Another 9-Current 64bit snapshot has been uploaded to the FTP server. This snapshot includes the following changes:

  • Disabled AHCI by default to fix some bugs working with Optical/Disk media
  • PBI’s are now able to be installed as regular user accounts, for those in the “operators” group
  • Updates to the AppCafe GUI to enhance usability
  • WIFI configuration GUI enhancements to auto-detect encryption type and make connection more streamlined
  • Fixed a bug in the LXDE menus which had caused it to refresh every 3 seconds

We are currently working on fixing up the i386 build server and hope to have a new 32bit snapshot with the next batch.

Known Issues:

  • The system installer has a bug that prevents loading vanilla FreeBSD, will be fixed for next snapshot

As usual, please let us know of any problems on the testing mailing list.


Looking for Testers: New Swap Extender

Jesse Smith has been working on a program that monitors how much swap space is available on a PC-BSD system. As existing swap space is used up, Swap Extender creates a larger swap file, effectively growing the amount of swap available to the operating system. As swap usage decreases, Swap Extender shrinks the swap file.

Instructions for downloading and installing Swap Extender and where to send any bug reports or suggestions can be found on this forum thread.


New AMD64 Testing Snapshot Contains Latest Xorg

The latest testing snapshot for 9.0 is now available in various formats from the FTP server. Some notes on this snapshot:

  • There was a failure on the i386 build server earlier this week, meaning there isn’t a 32 bit snapshot for this round of testing. The next testing snapshot will be available in both 32 and 64 bit versions in about 2 weeks.
  • This is the first snapshot to contain the latest developments from the FreeBSD Xorg porting team. miwi@’s notes on the state of this testing version of Xorg are here. All future snapshots will contain the testing version of Xorg, allowing PC-BSD testers to assist the porters in finding bugs so that they can be fixed and to help speed up the porting process.
  • This snapshot also contains the new AppCafe. If no apps appear, wait a day or so as Kris is busy generating PBIs.

As always, let us know if you come across any bugs, either as a comment here or as a posting on the testing mailing list. The Handbook contains some instructions on becoming a tester.

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