Translators: PC-BSD 9.1 Code Freeze

Kris has just announced the PC-BSD 9.1 code freeze. This means that all of the menu strings are frozen, allowing translators to finish their localizations in time for 9.1-RELEASE.

You can view the status of localizations here.

If you would like to assist with a translation, instructions for getting started are here.


9-STABLE-20120505 Snapshot Available for Testing

Kris has announced the availability of the next testing snapshot. If you are using Intel video or would like to upgrade from a previous snapshot, read the Errata section below.

The next snapshot in the PC-BSD 9-STABLE branch has just been released
for i386 and amd64 architectures. This snapshot provides both users and developers a means to test out new features in the upcoming PC-BSD 9.1 release. This snapshot may contain buggy code and features, so users are encouraged to run it only on non-critical systems.

Changes since the previous Snapshot:

* FreeBSD 9-STABLE from 05-01-2012
* Xorg 7.5.2 / Xorg-server 1.10.6
* Includes the GEM kernel support patches
* Added fail2ban for SSH brute force blocking
* Added ossec to base system
* Added support for all i18n languages currently in Pootle
* Fixed sorting of installed Applications in AppCafe
* Fixed some bugs in server install causing CLI apps to fail
* Fixed stamping boot on BootCamp partitions.
* Enable starting Warden jails at system bootup
* Enable booting installer on systems with < 512MB of RAM * Enabled splash screen support * Multiple bugfixes to included utilities / apps Highlights for the upcoming 9.1:

* New system installer! Greatly simplified for desktop and server installs.
* New “PC-BSD Server” installation option. Includes command-line
utilities like pbi-manager, warden, metapkgmanager and more.
* Support for ZFS mirror / raidz(1,2,3) during installation.
* Support for SWAP on ZFS, allowing entire disk ZFS installation.
* Support for setting additional ZFS data-set options, such as compression, noexec, etc.
* Warden jail management integrated into system. Allows creating jails
via GUI, adding packages and other administration.
* First boot setup wizard allows OEM installs to be easily performed.
* New Bluetooth paring tray / GUI utilities.
* New AppCafe improvements and preferences
* Improvements to wifi utility
* Fixed bug causing untranslated strings to show up empty.
* Numerous bug-fixes to PC-BSD related utilities
* And much more!


* Due to some port changes the updated Xorg Intel driver did not get
automatically included. You add it post-install by adding the line
“WITH_NEW_XORG=yes” to /etc/make.conf and then building the
/usr/ports/x11-drivers/xf86-video-intel port. This will be corrected in the next snapshot.

* It is possible to update from the previous snapshot to the current version, however you will manually need to update the
/usr/local/bin/pc-updatemanager command first.

(As root)
# fetch
http://trac.pcbsd.org/export/16662/pcbsd/current/src-sh/pc-updatemanager/pc-updatemanager -o /usr/local/bin/pc-updatemanager
# chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/pc-updatemanager

You may now update via the system updater GUI.


Update on PC-BSD Localization

Kris sent the following update to the translations mailing list regarding menu localizations:

I wanted to give you a quick status update on some of the changes for Translations in the 9-STABLE snapshots, and eventually PC-BSD 9.1.

First, all languages which are available in Pootle will now be selectable for installation. Should a string not be fully translated, the default English string will be displayed instead. This will allow you to begin testing any/all languages in the upcoming snapshots.

Second, I have removed the “pbimeta.po” file from the translation process. This file had been getting so large, that it was becoming quite unreasonable to expect our translators to tackle it. This means in Pootle now you will see a more accurate representation of the translations progress. I’m currently investigating alternative methods of translating the AppCafe application descriptions.

Third and lastly, I’ve implemented some cleanup functionality into the scripts which sync the strings into Pootle. As a string is modified or removed from our subversion tree, the old string will now be automatically purged from the Pootle database, keeping the number of strings for translation at a manageable amount.

Thanks for all the work you’ve done to translate PC-BSD into other languages! Let us know on the translations mailing list if you have any questions, or run into problems going forward.


9.0 UI Frozen

Kris announced yesterday on the translation and developer mailing lists that PC-BSD 9.0 is now in code freeze in preparation for the final release. From the announcement:

We’ve begun the process of rolling 9.0-BETA1 images, so from this point the pcbsd/current branch is frozen for all UI changes, to allow translators time to finish translating strings for 9.0-Release. Bugfixes which do not change translation strings are of course still welcome.

There are a large number of new strings in the “pbimeta.po”, which will be used for the AppCafe application and category descriptions. These strings do NOT necessary need to be finished in time for 9.0, since these get pushed out to AppCafe clients daily. All the other .po files are the ones which will be shipped with 9.0 and should be finished in time for the release.

Thanks for all your help in making PC-BSD 9.0 a reality!

We’ll be freezing the Guide around the end of August. Now that the UI is frozen, we can spend August updating all of the screenshots and filling in the documentation gaps. Once these are complete, an announcement will be made about the doc freeze so that the translators can start translating the documentation.


New Danish Social Group on PC-BSD Forums

Henrik Eismark has created a Danish social group on the PC-BSD forums. If you are a Dane who uses PC-BSD, check it out and help to spread the word so that it becomes a useful resource for networking with other Danish PC-BSD users. It looks like he is also hoping to get some help in translating the Guide to Danish.


Indonesian Translation of 8.2 PC-BSD Handbook Available

The Indonesian version of the PC-BSD 8.2 Handbook is now available in .odt, PDF, and HTML formats from the handbook directory of the FTP server. Thanks to Tri M S for providing the translation.

As other translations become available we’ll announce them here. The handbook directory has been organized so that the 2 letter ISO language code is included in the file name. For example, the English version of the handbook is entitled handbook_en_ver8.2 and the Indonesian version is handbook_in_ver8.2. The .odt source files for each language are included should you wish to translate the original English version or edit a translated version. All files are licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY, meaning that you are free to share and remix (e.g modify or translate) as long as your version includes the following attribution text:

Copyright 2010, The PC-BSD Project.
PC-BSD and the PC-BSD logo are registered trademarks of iXsystems.
All other content within the PC-BSD Users Handbook is freely available for sharing under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License.

If you find any mistakes in a translation, please send the modified text to the translators mailing list for review.

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